Gaming Guru Review of The Clash of the Titans: The Video Game


by TRACY-MARK GORGAS / Special contributor to

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 1:50 PM

Updated Friday, Sep 10 at 11:15 AM

This week I review Clash of the Titans, The Video Game.  Can yet another movie based game rise to the challenge? Will it nod to the original Clash of the Titans movie? Let's find out.


The story follows the movie storyline for the most part.  Perseus wakes one morning to find that monsters are keeping the fishermen of the village from going out.  Ignoring his father's orders to stay home, Perseus goes and defeats the monsters.  Upon returning to the village he finds that soldiers from Argos have come to destroy the village's statue of Zeus.  The King of Argos has declared war against the gods.  Since the gods rely on the prayers of mortals to survive, the gods agree to have Hades travel the mortal realm to "remind" them of their place.  Perseus' little fishing village gets devastated in the process.  With nothing to hold him to his village and vengeance for the destruction of the village on his mind, Perseus goes with the soldiers to Argos.

Once in Argos he is brought to the court of King Kepheus and Queen Cassiopeia who compare themselves and their daughter to the gods.  Hades appears in the court and declares that unless their daughter is sacrificed to the gods in ten days he will unleash the Kraken to destroy the city and everything in it.  Perseus then finds out from Hades that he is the son of Zeus. 

King Kepheus and Queen Cassiopeia ask Perseus to defeat the Kraken so their daughter may be saved.  Perseus wanting nothing to do with the gods agrees and starts a quest to gather the items he will need to defeat the Kraken.


For a third person action game the controls are a little complicated, but not overly so.  You have your standard light, heavy, and special (sub-weapon) attacks, jump, and target lock-on.  The added wrinkles are two other special attacks and some special target coloring.  Most of the combat could be done by just button mashing for the most part.

When you target a creature or enemy it will have a slight color aura.  If it is red then regular and sub-weapon attacks are the best.  If it is blue then a "soul-seize" attack is best.  Soul-seize allows you siphon off part of the creature's soul to power up your magic/sub-weapon attack. 

Now as you are battling if your target suddenly is flashing an orange aura this means it is susceptible to a "weapon-seize" attack.  When you start a weapon-seize you start a quick time event where you have to hit any face button before a blue ring disappears.  You can get "perfect" moves in this if you hit the button when the blue ring is inside two orange rings.  When you successfully pull off a weapon-seize you capture that enemy's weapon and add it to your collection of sub-weapons.  Sub-weapons are items that are either weapons with special attacks or items that have magical effects for attack, defense, or healing.


As explained above Clash of the Titans is a third person hack and slash action game.  You take on quests and can take on challenges if you need to go back through sections to find weapons you may have missed or farm items to upgrade the weapons you already have.  Each chapter has a hub area where you get your quests.  Off this hub area you have one or two areas that you actually battle enemies and creatures in.  Most of these battle areas you get really familiar with because you will get sent into them over and over again.  The challenge quest also reuse the same areas you went through previously.

Enemy AI is not the greatest, they tend to just run in attack and defend if you get a few hits in on them and they still have a shield.  If not then they kind of become punching bags.

There is some co-op in the game, but surprisingly you have to play through the first two chapters before it is available.  Even then it's not great since you can never be to far from one another or the camera has problems figuring out who to follow.

Graphics and Sound

Graphically the game is OK. The animation of characters is a bit robotic and lifeless.  Same with enemies and creatures.  During some parts where characters are talking their mouths just open and close like a puppet, not even close to any kind of actual mouth movement.  The backgrounds repeat after a bit and the draw distance is very far, but most environments are kind of enclosed so there isn't really a need for it.

Sound-wise the voice acting is wooden and a bit stilted.  None of the actors from the movie are used and each voice actor has multiple parts in the game.  Because of this some characters sound very similar.  One good thing about the voice acting is everything is voiced, so no worries about reading a lot of text.


When I got the game I thought it would be a God of War clone.  After playing it I wish it was, at least it would have been funner.  Sadly though, it's not.  Much like the remake movie this game is a "could-have-been."

The controls while not the greatest, are OK after you get used to them.  The rest of the game is just boring and uninspiring.  You fight in the same areas over and over and some of the quests you are sent on mostly just filler.  One quest has you going out to catch a fish because one of your compatriots is hungry, that's it.  Another strange thing about the quest system is that is asks every time if you wish to accept the quest.  If you choose "no" there is nothing to do but run around whatever hub you are in.  Why give a choice if there is no other way of advancing the story or game?

One interesting thing that this game has that makes it a bit better than the remake movie is that it has Bubo the golden clockwork owl from the original Clash of the Titans movie.  While he gets more screen time in the game than he does in the movie remake, sadly he is relegated to being the save and challenge selection point in the hub areas.

So again the quick cash-in, movie tie-in game is what we have here, which is too bad.  Both movies are ripe with material for a great game if someone were to do it.

Clash of the Titans; The Video Game gets a 2 out of 5.  It's playable and it has potential, but just falls flat.  The only reason to even rent this is if you want to boost your Achievement or Trophy score, even then you can find better games.

Clash of the Titans; The Video Game is rated T for Teen for Blood and Gore, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence.  It is available now for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360.