Soldier's widow reacts to McChrystal's resignation


by MEG COYLE / KING 5 News

Posted on June 23, 2010 at 5:36 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jun 23 at 6:17 PM

As reaction pours in from the president and policy makers the news really hits home for troops and their families.

This is the first time we’re hearing from Renae Chapman since her husband’s death more than eight years ago.  She says she supports General McChrystal and sees his resignation as a sign the war in Afghanistan has lost its way, muddled in politics.

There’s no question the last 8 years have been hard on Renae Chapman and her two children.

"It’s been hard, but it’s been hardest on my kids," she said.

Her husband, Sgt. First Class Nathan Chapman, was killed January 4, 2002. He was the first American to die in Afghanistan.

Renae hasn’t talked to the media since her husband’s death. She’s talking now because she wants you to know of the sacrifice we all take for granted.

She’s also speaking out because of the politics she says get in the way of a war and ultimately cost lives. News that General McChrystal is out for critical comments about the administration and the war speaks volumes to her about what’s not being said.

"And I hope that my first time being willing to talk about this will give him some strength and to let me know that he gave me the strength to back him," she said.

If nothing else, Renae Chapman hopes today’s news brings the war back to the forefront and brings more soldiers back home safely.

"It’s very scary because I don’t believe that battle is being put forth by our Commander in Chief right now."