Washington Ferries cracking down on line cutters




Posted on March 29, 2010 at 11:06 AM

Ferry riders will want to know there's a new policy in place for waiting in line in your vehicle.  People who cut into the line can get a ticket.

Sometimes some ferry riders break the rules.

"On a nice summer day, you may have at Kingston, 45 line cutters, at Edmonds you may have 25, at Mukilteo you may have 25 reports of line cutters," said Susan Harris, Washington State Ferries. "People who come through and say, that guy behind me cut in line."

"People are coming in at the last minute and they just kind of, you know, sneak in," said one ferry rider.

"It can cause someone else to miss a boat," said another rider.

If the line cutter is caught by the ferry people in the booth, they send them to the back of the line.

"Then the ticket seller is supposed to try to make some sort of...become judge and jury," said Harris.

And that can end up with the cutter becoming the cusser and taking their frustration out on the people who are simply doing their job.

But now, instead of getting sent to the back of the line, they'll get some information.

"Here is a brochure for you. A little amount of information about line cutting, and then that's the end of it as far as our thing, and then they go on.  And they'll get a letter in the mail, whoever the owner is of that vehicle they're driving," said Harris.

The brochure says that a line cutting ticket could cost up to $124. People who report cutters will receive a card that reads, "Report line cutters 877-764-HERO."

Washington Ferries revamped the program starting Sunday, but the program has been in place for a while. The program is similar to the program used to report HOV lane violators.