Spider season hits the Inland Northwest


by KREM.com


Posted on October 4, 2010 at 8:27 PM

SPOKANE-- There might be more spiders coming inside homes this year. The lingering heat hasn’t killed off summer spiders and cooler temperatures will lead them inside houses.

KREM 2 News followed a pest control company trying to keep up with the demand.

Anyone checking out the bushes around his or her home will probably run into a slew of spiders. With it feeling like the Inland Northwest went from summer to fall in a day, those spiders are trying to find a way inside.

The manager of Senske Pest Control says spiders use the house as protection and that’s where the food source is. Senske Pest Control is booked solid with house calls to exterminate the eight-legged pest.

Technicians say spiders are what Spokane customers complain most about right now. Even if they aren’t visible, the spider webs prove they are close by.

Lingering heat is keeping spiders like the Hobo alive much longer than average. That’s the spider KREM 2 News saw the most on Monday.

Aaron Noack also works for Senske Pest Control. He says any of the little nooks and crannies that the spiders can get in and around the foundation of the home is going to lead to the perfect environment for them and eventually they’ll find a way into homes.

In Portland, spiders prove to be a bigger problem. People are dodging enormous webs right now that stretch across tress and street signs. Experts say if anyone have some in their yards, the best way to get it down is gently with a broom. 

Noack says an outdoor spray is often enough to keep spiders from going inside. He says it isn’t too late to guard against spiders. He sprays homes year-round, this time of year however, is the busy season.

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