Seattle man charged with extorting former teacher



Posted on February 5, 2010 at 6:36 PM

SEATTLE – The former student of a Seattle teacher is accused of trying to extort her by claiming the two had an inappropriate relationship when he was still in school.

According to charging documents, last October, a 21-year-old Jonathan Wendal Williams contacted his now 47-year-old former math teacher stating he was "suicidal" and asked for her help.

Prosecutors say the relationship turned into a "dating/sexual" relationship.

On Jan. 21, the teacher stated she "no longer wanted to see him and did not want him to call her". Court papers allege Williams became "upset" and "threatened to post photos of the two of them kissing at the middle school where she teaches." 

Seattle Police Det. Kevin Grossman wrote in a police report that Williams then "threatened to rape her in order to get her pregnant, so she would have his baby." The teacher told investigators that Williams sent a text message that it was "time to pay the piper."

According to the police report, Williams offered to leave her alone in exchange for a payment of of $1,000, which she refused. Officers say he then reduced it to $500.

In a phone call, prosecutors allege Williams threatened to write a letter to the Seattle Public Schools superintendent, "claiming (the teacher) molested him when he was in middle school."

Court papers indicate Williams called the teacher's cell phone hundreds of times and left several voice mails.

On Jan. 28, the Pacific Northwest Fugitive Task Force booked Williams into the King County Jail for previous warrants. Once in jail, and according to Detective Grossman, Williams called and "conceded" he made the threats to "get (the teachers) attention" and to make her answer his phone calls.

Williams is set to be arraigned on the extortion charge Feb. 11.

State law states there is nothing illegal about any teacher having a relationship with a former student over the age of 21.