Fridge customer gets cold shoulder by Best Buy



Posted on September 17, 2010 at 7:38 AM

A single father of three faces tough challenges in his home life. And in the middle of them, he can't get Best Buy to deliver his $1,600 fridge. When he couldn't get a refund, he decided to Get Jesse.

Fathers love showing off their children, and Mike Trimberger is no different. He's a proud single dad raising his kids while blessed by an angel.

“I would just like to thank my wife for laying the foundation,” said Mike.

Mike lost his wife Dorothy to cancer six years ago.

“She got them started down the right path,” said Mike.

Being a single parent is tough. You make all of the choices alone, and this summer, Mike decided to buy a new $1,600 dollar fridge at Best Buy.

“Just like everybody, you need to get the best price, so I did my shopping and comparing and I went to Best Buy. They said they could deliver it as quick as anybody, so that's who I went with,” said Mike.

Mike bought the fridge on June 1st. Best Buy promised delivery on the 22nd.

“I called them and they said it had been back ordered and they said I'd see it July 1st-ish,” said Mike.

It didn't happen then. He still doesn't have it now.

“I've had more important things to deal with than trying to chase down a refrigerator for a whole summer,” said Mike.

Mike's 13-year-old daughter Stephanie has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

“When your immune system is at zero, you want to have the chance to fight every type of bacteria,” said Mike. “You know if you put food in a cold place, the bacteria doesn't grow. That's why I need a refrigerator.”

Making matters worse, he says the company wouldn't give him a refund until the fridge was delivered.
So Mike was forced to spend $450 on a used one on Craigslist.

“They don't care – lackadaisical. They've got my money. They just as soon move on and do business with other people,” said Mike.

Mike called me and I asked Best Buy why it couldn't give Mike his money back?

A few days later, Mike got a call from Best Buy and they are reimbursing him for the refridgerator and the replacement fridge he had to buy. 

They blamed manufacturer delays for the problem. They didn't explain why they didn't return the money until KING 5 got involved.

Now Mike can get to the real business at hand - raising and caring for his children.