Pot buyers comprise a reefer rainbow




Posted on July 10, 2014 at 7:56 PM

Updated Thursday, Jul 10 at 7:56 PM

Washington’s recreational pot buyers may purchase the same product, but they comprise a reefer rainbow of consumers.

"I’m starting to realize it crosses all boundaries," said Daniel Brenneman.

In from Texas to buy cannabis legally, Daniel Brenneman has a master’s degree in accounting. He makes $10,000 dollars a month selling computer software, and thought he might not fit in with the buyers he expected to find.

"Like your typical college student," he said.

He purchased just minutes before one of those college students, Kelly VanWeerdhuizen, who plans to finish her bachelor’s degree in psychology. Currently a barista at a coffee shop, VanWeerdhuizen was also surprised by who she’s met.

"There was an older lady in there and she’s like, ‘I’ve been waiting 60 years for this!’" she laughed.

2020 Solutions, the second 502 licensed store to open in Bellingham, expects to see more variety of customers than they can even offer in their product.

"It is a clear cross section of Americana, anywhere from you’ve just turned 21, we’ve had customers in their 80s, male female, everywhere in between," said 2020 Solutions Sr. Operations VP Aaron Nelson.

At Top Shelf Cannabis, accountants who work 12 hour days purchased from the same counter Thursday morning as tattoo artist Michael Copley, who’s been arrested 3 times.

"For possession of marijuana all under 6 grams," Copley explained. "I’ve got a guy standing over here with a badge and he knows I’ve got marijuana in my pocket but I’m not going anywhere."

Some call it an opportunity for equality despite differences that no longer has to hide.

"I don’t like dealing with drug dealers but I like to get high," Brenneman said.