NorthWest Families: Creative fundraisers, starting a college fund



Posted on October 21, 2009 at 11:50 AM

Updated Wednesday, Mar 24 at 11:48 AM


School is in session.? And that means pretty soon your kids will be coming home with lots of things for you to sell like wrapping paper, cookie dough, and candy.? I don't know about you but I cringe at the thought of hawking one more tube of wrapping paper.? Fortunately, some schools are getting creative with their fundraisers.? My daughter's school had a plant sale last year and our family is still reaping the rewards from the tomato plants we bought.? This week in Northwest Families we have lots of great ideas for fundraisers courtesy of our friends at ?

Get students to collect used cell phones from family members, neighbors, or a parent's job.? Then sell them to , a company that recycles old phones.?

Know some folks with cool cars?? Why not hold your own car show, get car dealers in on the act and charge admission.

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You can also try a theme night. Throw a sock hop, haunted house or karaoke night.? You can have lots of fun and raise lots of money too.


Speaking of money, you'll need more of it to go to college in the coming years.? So start saving early.? Enrollment for or GET, opens September 15 th. ?It's a savings program that locks in today's tuition prices for your kids to go college in the future.? ?You'd think with so many people out of work because of the recession that fewer parents would be signing up to save for college. In fact the opposite is true. GET enrollment is up 24%.? And with tuition at the University of Washington going up double digits this year, you have to wonder what it will cost by the time your kids get to college.? You have until March to sign up.


Finally, are distracted drivers as dangerous as drunk drivers?? A new says yes and found that one out of every six drivers in school zones is distracted.? It's an eye opener when you think about how many of us in the after school pick up lane are on the phone or texting.? My kid's school sent home a note asking parents not to do that anymore. ?But cell phones aren't the only distraction.? Some drivers are reading the morning paper, putting on makeup and even shaving! Talk to your kids about walking safely. ? put together some tips you definitely want to include in that conversation.

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