Man arrested for stealing giant American flag



Posted on June 27, 2014 at 7:28 PM

SEATTLE – Seattle police made an arrest following the theft of a massive American flag.

The employees at Kruger and Sons arrived at work earlier this week and noticed their 20x30-foot flag had been stolen from the front of their shop.

They had surveillance footage of the crime and Seattle Police recognized the two men responsible as local vagrants. Not long after learning about the story, police arrested one of the two men involved.

“Within an hour of filing the report the flag was back in our hands and the criminal was in the back of the car,” Kruger and Sons employee Jake Richards said. “Justice was served.”

After 28 years in the fishing industry, owner Doug Kruger thought he had seen it all.

“It’s just really hard for me to believe that somebody would steal an American Flag,” Kruger said.

At 2:58 a.m. on Tuesday, two men walked into a fenced area in front of the business. Fifteen minutes later security footage shows them reappear, one of them with the flag draped over his head.

“There's really no excuse for anyone to be down there at three in the morning,” Richards said. “It's just a shame that they stole it the week before Fourth of July.”

Richards said that he is very thankful that they have the flag back and he hopes to have it flying before the July Fourth holiday.

“We have a lot of pride associated with this flag and we like to fly our colors proud,” he said.

Timothy Williams, the man police arrested for the crime, said he felt it was his civic duty to steal the flag because he said it wasn’t well lit. Seattle police said that's not true and that the flag had proper lighting.

As for Williams, he's facing a felony theft charge.