Halloween house asks trick-or-treaters to give back




Posted on October 30, 2009 at 11:18 PM

SHORELINE, Wash. - As trick-or-treaters grab their fistful of candy in Shoreline, a hand may reach out and grab you - and ask you to give something back.

Friday night, Thom Klein put final few freaky touches on his dark masterpiece. Every Halloween, he and his wife, Ingrid, bring the dead back to life. Their yard is a cemetery where no one will rest in peace.

"Years and years ago, I did work in a cemetery. So I kind of have an immunity to it all, and somewhat of an appreciation for it," said Thom Klein.

"We have over a hundred, hundred fifty kids on Halloween night," said Ingrid Klein.

As the Kleins hand out candy, they're asking their neighbors to give back and donate to their food drive.

"People drop by and they have a bag of food. Some people come by with one can and it's alright. Whatever they give is great," said Ingrid.

She said they've already surpassed last year's collection. The Hopelink food bank is the grateful beneficiary.

"Individuals like Ingrid, and local churches, and organizations that do food drives is what keeps us going.
We rely on the community to support the community," said Leslie Brooks of Hopelink.

Denise Farrand brought her two sons over to see the display and donate food.

"I think it's a great idea. I don't know these people but I appreciate them doing it," said Farrand.

So come hang with Jason and Freddy, and if you miss this year's display, there's always the next.

"My wife's already mad at me because I'm already dreaming ideas for next year," said Thom.

The Kleins' display is at 19818 19th Ave NW, Shoreline, Wash.

If you'd like to participate in their food drive, they ask for any non-perishable food item for donation.