Burglar using jackhammer part to hit Seattle businesses




Posted on November 24, 2009 at 6:22 PM

Jackhammer burglary locations

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SEATTLE – A burglar is using a chunk of steel rebar, a sledgehammer and part of a jackhammer to smash into Seattle waterfront businesses.

Three businesses have been hit this month, with each and every break-in happening at 4 a.m.

Four separate surveillance cameras captured the burglar in action at the Miners Landing.

"We have several minutes of footage of him lurking about checking out doors," said Mark Ostler, Internet manager at Miners Landing. "When I watch the video, you feel a little bit violated."

On Nov. 19, starting at around 2 a.m., a man is seen staking out the front of the building. He then takes what appears to be a sledgehammer towards a glass door.

"We think that he may have smashed the window and waited to see if the alarm went off," said Ostler.

Seconds later, the intruder is seen walking through the inner halls of the indoor shopping mall. At one point, the burglar appears to dance around.

"I feel the suspect is somewhat arrogant. He doesn't think he is going to get caught," said Ostler.

According to a police report, the burglar targeted the Sports Den. He then smashed through a glass door that was reinforced with iron mesh. Once inside, authorities say he made off with Seahawks jerseys and other merchandise. A surveillance camera spotted the burglar running out of the store with jerseys in his hand.

Investigating officers say a sledgehammer and a jackhammer bit was used to shatter the front window.

Two weeks earlier and just two piers down, a burglar busted through the large glass window of the Pier 55 Shirt Company – twice. Each time, the thief made off with armfuls of jackets.

Officers were able to recover fingerprints from one of the crime scenes but do not yet know the burglar's identity. If you know who he is, you are asked to contact the Seattle Police Department.