Goats the new trend for Portland urban farms


by Keely Chalmers


Posted on June 19, 2012 at 1:34 PM

Updated Sunday, Oct 27 at 6:09 PM

PORTLAND -- First came the chicken, then came the goat.

Folks interested in urban goats pedaled through the streets of Northeast Portland Monday.

They toured four locations to see inner-city goats up close.

Photos: Goats in Portland

Arif Khan led the tour. He has goats he keeps in his front yard, including two-week-old kids. He uses his goats for milk, weed control, and for companionship.

“We take them on walks,” Khan explained. “They are easier to raise than cats, they are quieter than dogs.”

Elle Moody's home was one of the stops on the tour. She too has a front yard farm.

“We actually found this set up on Craigslist and it actually came with a goat barn," she said of the home she rents.

And the youngsters in the neighborhood love it.

“It’s still really nice to have a farm down the street,” said Kaleigh Lucas.

Even the older neighbors we talked to didn’t mind the goats.

“It’s kind of refreshing and it's nice for the neighborhood. A petting farm across the street. You can’t lose,” said Andrew Harmon who lives across the street from Moody.

Of course, goat owners point out, with all the caring, feeding, and cleaning, goats are a major responsibility.

In Portland, you can have up to three pygmy goats - those are the small ones, without a permit.

Anyone who wants to watch the goats in action can log onto Khan's "goat cam" set up in his yard.