SEATTLE – Drivers who use State Route 99 including the Alaskan Way Viaduct to get through Seattle need to find an alternate route through Monday morning. It's the latest part of the project to replace the viaduct with a tunnel. The Broad Street Bridge is being demolished because it's now in the wrong place.

The closure started at 10 p.m. on Friday and will run through Monday at 5 a.m. Highway 99 will be shut down from Spokane street south of downtown to Valley Street in the South Lake Union Neighborhood.

On Saturday Beerfest held day two of their three day event at the Seattle Center. Director Rick Carpenter said the traffic delays caused 55% of his volunteer serves to not show up.

"They would call or they would write the website and go 'hey, I know I'm supposed to volunteer, but I'm in traffic and I'm giving up," Carpenter said. "Normally it's packed on Saturday. This is going to be the one year where you can come and there will be no lines at any of the tables."

In Pioneer Square Sunday's Red Bull Soap Box Derby has already shut down Yesler for nearly eight blocks.

"Traffic block off is from 8th and Yesler to first and Yesler," Coordinator Andrew Markey said.

In the middle of the derby closure construction is going on at Third Avenue as well.

Both the Soapbox Derby and Beerfest are happening on Sunday.

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