TACOMA, Wash. - Amber Nelson will tell you someone else's big mistake led to her bad morning.

"I had to call over and over to different people, security, the offsite managers," said Nelson.

The calls were about her car. She had parked it steps away from her back door at the Salishan housing complex. It turns out the property owner, Tacoma Housing Authority, towed it.

"I'm pretty upset about it. You know this is the end of the month. This is when everybody's rent is due. This is suppose to be low income," said Nelson.

Residents did receive a letter that informed them of parking lot maintenance. It stated, "do not park in the lot or stalls between 9:00a.m. and 6:00p.m. Failure to move your vehicle will result in your car being towed at the owner's expense."

However, according to the tow slip, Amber's car was picked up outside of those hours, at 4 a.m. Thursday. Five other cars were towed from the complex around the same time.

For Amber, it meant she couldn't make it to work, and had to call her mom for help to get her Chrysler back. Amber complained to a property manager.

"All she was going to be able to do was take partial responsibility for it, and take off $150 of it," said Nelson. "The rest of it we had to pay."

Nelson paid $109 to get her car back.

When King 5 reached Tacoma Housing Authority Executive Director, Michael Mirra, he said the agency plans to take full responsibility.

"This is Tacoma Housing Authority's screw up with our notification to our towing company," said Mirra.

Mirra is not exactly sure how wires got crossed, but he said people will be reimbursed for their out of pocket expenses.

When we informed Nelson, she said, "that makes me very happy."

For Tacoma Housing Authority, it means the parking lot project just got more expensive. The agency is not sure yet how much the mistake will cost.

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