SEATTLE -- A Seattle lawyer, known for her commitment to civil rights and social justice, was killed Friday while riding her bike near 2nd Avenue and University Street in downtown Seattle.

An ACLU spokesperson said the victim, Sher Kung, worked as a Legal Fellow for ACLU of Washington in 2009-10. Kung worked on a high-profile case involving Major Margaret Witt, challenging the Air Force's dismissal of Witt because of her sexual orientation. The victory in that case helped pave the way for the demise of the military's Don't Ask Don't Tell, according to the ACLU. Friday night, Kung's friends along with complete strangers mourned the loss.

The driver of a box truck struck Kung when he turned left onto University from 2nd Avenue, according to police.

"All you heard was a bang and the next thing you know the biker was face down on the street," said Daniel George, witness.

"It was a green light for the trucker and the biker. The biker probably assumed it was ok to go," said a witness.

Police have talked to the driver, a man in his 40s. Police say there were no signs of drugs or alcohol. He was cooperative and clearly distraught.

"The bikes have the right of way to go straight, even if you are making a left turn and are on the left side. So you have to be clear the turn before you make it," said Detective Patrick Michaud, Seattle Police Department.

After many years of complaints from bike organizations, the city is about to make changes on 2nd Avenue in 10 days. SDOT is installing a separated, protected bike lane and a special bicycle signal to prevent this kind of accident.

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