Crime Dodge uses maps to help pedestrians avoid what it calls high-crime areas.


SEATTLE -- It seems like there's an app for just about everything and one of the latest in development is specifically for Seattle.

Crime Dodge helps pedestrians avoid what it calls "high-crime areas." It's similar to a standard cell phone navigation application. Users plug in their destinations and Crime Dodge promises to route users "the safest way possible."

The person behind the app is Geran Landen, a Seattle University undergraduate student.

Landen, a New Mexico native, has been studying in Seattle for two years but now is learning much more about Seattle neighborhoods. He is working on marketing the app with a classmate.

"We just enjoyed coming up with ideas … things we could do," explained Lander. "We get bored with the same old school stuff."

The app, which is still in development, compiles public data straight from the Seattle Police Department and maps the locations crimes occur. It is automatically updated each week.

"It weighs different crimes based on their severity," said Landen. "So rape, homicide would be higher ranked than … petty theft."

Users will be able to tell the app how much time they are able to deviate from the most direct route in order for the app to map the safest route within the users' time frame. Pioneer Square resident Carolyn Siscoe likes the idea, but she's not sure how to feel about the statistics labeling her neighborhood as not the best.

"I think every time people come down here … the tourists love [Pioneer Square]," said Siscoe.

Landen says the app will be free to users and a portion of advertising revenue will be donated to a charity benefiting crime victims. The app won't be available for download until October.

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