SEATTLE - A police call in April had an impact on two Seattle police officers.

For some reason it just hit us," said Officer Ryan Gallagher.

Officer Gallagher was working with his partner, Officer Jeremy Wade, when they noticed a problem inside a home on Jackson Street in the Central District.

"We noticed the kids didn't have any beds," said Gallagher.

The kids were two girls, ages 6 and 12.

"We got down to the end of the street and we stopped the car and said there has got to be something we can do," he said.

The officers decided to spend more than $500 of their own money to purchase two twin beds with linens and pillows. They delivered the furniture to the family, and assembled the beds for them.

"The kids were just super excited," said Gallagher.

The police officers planned to keep it quiet, but the need kept nagging at them. During his shifts, Gallagher has seen several cases of kids without beds.

Pride often keeps families without from talking about it, but the officers decided they had to say something and started at headquarters. From Command Staff to School Resource Officers, the response was huge, according to Gallagher. In two weeks, they gathered a list of 40 kids who could use a bed.

On September 6th, the beds will be delivered from the IKEA store in Renton to dozens of homes in the Seattle area. IKEA donated $5000 to the cause. Seattle Police Foundation spread the word about the effort, and Seattle Police officers are among the many volunteering to make the bed deliveries happen.

Learn more about Beds for Kidshere.

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