SPOKANE, Wash.— A veterinarian managed to save a five-week old kitten who was thrown out of a moving vehicle.

Witnesses saw someone toss the kitten from a speeding car on Thursday. A good Samaritan brought the cat to Dr. Tami Boettcher at Pet Savers.

"All she saw was the kitten come flying out the window. She was just flabbergasted," said Boettcher.

The kitten weighed just over one pound and has severe eye trauma and a broken leg. Boettcher put a splint on his leg.

Boettcher said she believes the kitten will pull through. She has taken the kitten home so he can receive around-the-clock care.

The witnesses said she was so focused on the kitten she did not get a good description of the suspect.

If you are interested in donating to the kitten's medical expenses or adopting the little guy, call Pet Savers at (509) 924-7826.

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