A memorial continues to grow with flowers and ghost bikes at a busy downtown Seattle intersection.

"For people like Sher, so they don't have to die," Tyler Peterson told his daughter.

Peterson, who worked with Sher Kung as an attorney, said Kung was known for both her rigor and kindness.

"I'm going to miss her a lot," Peterson said.

A truck hit and killed Kung while she rode her bike on 2nd Avenue Friday morning. It happened less than two weeks before the city will make major safety changes for cyclists at the intersection, like a protected lane and separate signal.

"She's so entertaining," Katie Sweet said. "It was easy to run 12 to 15 miles with her."

Sweet and her running partners laid flowers at the corner Saturday afternoon. She and Kung were became "fast" friends, literally. The two often ran 6 minute miles together for a team whose number now rests beside bouquets of flowers on the sidewalk.

"She had this infectious, loving personality," Sweet said.

Kung, 31, was an attorney known for her passion helping LGBT cases, perhaps the most famous of which was that of Margaret Witt, the Air Force nurse who was discharged for being gay.

After Kung and her team argued her case with the ACLU, a judge ruled Witt should be given back her job.

Sweet left a pair of her running shoes at the memorial.

"It's a nice way to show her that I'm gonna miss our runs," she cried.

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