BOISE -- A missing University of Montana student died in a car wreck near Stanley, Custer County officials say.

Searchers found the body of 21-year-old Lucius Robbi just before 6:30 p.m. Thursday. His car had gone over a 60-foot embankment on at a turnoff near Stanley Lake on U.S. Highway 21.

According to the Custer County Sheriff's Office, Robbi's Subaru swerved across the northbound lanes before going over the dropoff and slamming into several large pine trees.

Coroner Vicki Armbruster says Robbi died immediately from blunt force trauma to the head.

Search teams had already combed the area of the crash with ground teams and a fixed-wing aircraft, but sheriff's officials say trees and brush blocked the site of the wreck. A privately-contracted helicopter spotted the tip of a kayak in the trees Thursday, and was able to investigate further.

A ground team sent to the location of the crash said the site was not visible from the road, and they had to remove a lot of brush before spotting the accident. Sheriff's officials say thunderstorms in the area likely washed away tire tracks and debris that might have been visible in the soft shoulder.

His mother thanked those who had helped look for the missing student on a Facebook page dedicated to finding Robbi.

"The family of Lucius Robbi wants to thank all of the many friends who came together to search for him," Tina Glaessner wrote late Thursday night. "You were all amazing, and the overwhelming outpouring of love and the heroic effort you made to find Lucius created a bond between you and all of us that will connect us forever."

The search for Robbi began last week when he didn't show up for student orientation at the University of Montana. Robbi, originally from California, was working at Cascade Raft and Kayak over the summer.

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Idaho State Police are still investigating the cause of the fatal crash.

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