kOn Thursday, customers who regularly stop by a Kent Shell station for a morning cup of coffee are learning that the manager and the store clerk were killed.

"They were my ray of sunshine every morning when I'm going to work," said Casey Bradley.

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The owner of the gas station said David Christianson was a long-time employee at the station. All day people were coming here to remember him and the clerk who were killed.

"Dave was just trying to calm the peace, I believe, and send people off and unfortunately he got caught in it," said Ariff Qulamani, the owner of the gas station.

Regular customers say the people who work at the gas station are more like friends.

"He was just a kind-hearted person, not a mean bone in his body, I mean honestly," said Jeanette Olsen.

A small pile of flowers and a burning candle sat in the parking lot where the two men were gunned down. The candle holder reads "David, my friend."

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