PORTLAND, Ore. -- A 2-year-old boy was rushed from Washington Square mall by ambulance Wednesday night after he got his fingers caught in the food court escalator.

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The boy was attempting to run up the down escalator when he was injured, according to spokeswoman Lisa Morawski of the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services.

A Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue spokesman said one of the toddler's fingers was severed. Another finger was severely damaged, and there were minor injuries to the others.

The escalator was taken apart to recover the severed finger. A second Metro West ambulance was called to take the finger to the hospital in hopes it could be reattached.

It was the kind of traumatic accident that made people cringe to hear about.

"Poor little kid, and I can only imagine how the parents would feel, too", said Chris Rhostedt, who was eating lunch near an outside escalator at a building in downtown Portland. "You think everything is fine and safe you turn around for a second and anything can happen."

Washington Square declined an interview on the accident but a spokesman told KGW, "We are heartbroken about this evening's accident. Although we are unable to comment while this matter is under investigation our thoughts are with the young child and his family."

The incident happened around 6 p.m.

Security officers gave first aid to the boy until paramedics arrived to rush him to the hospital.

Morawski said Thursday the escalator would remain out of service until state investigators complete their inspection. That was expected to be done by noon on Friday.

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