Just like humans, animals suffer from a variety of diseases.

And just like humans they're benefiting from clinical research, which is why the FDA is on a mission to help "fix Fido."

Ten-year-old Hank loves his playtime.

"He likes to chase squirrels, not fast, but he likes to chase squirrels," said Kaye Coleman, Hank's owner.

But when Hank developed arthritis in his hip, he wasn't able to keep up with his sister, Harriet.

"When he wakes up, it takes him a few minutes to get up and start walking in the morning," said Coleman.

Hank's owner enrolled him in a clinical trial to test Cerekin, a new therapy for arthritis in dogs.

"Some of the dogs are doing a lot better on it," said Veterinarian Dickson Bain.

Bain says there are FDA trials for dogs with all kinds of ailments.

"Basically, pets have everything we have, so we treat them for pretty much everything people have," said Bain. "Any dog over 50 pounds is going to have arthritis."

A team of animal and human doctors recently launched the National Veterinary Cancer Registry, which helps pet owners find clinical trials in their area.

The goal is to help animals and humans. Many times the trials are free and owners don't know if their pet will receive a drug or a placebo.

The research is not just for dogs, but also for cats. For more information on pet clinical trials, check with your vet.

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