While a healthy diet is good for the body, some health foods may be harming your teeth.

Raw and uncooked foods can cause damage by chipping teeth or sticking between the teeth, which may lead to serious gum problems.

Marina Munoz never thought she'd end up at her dentists because of the food she eats.

"I eat a lot of kale and quinoa, granola, yogurt, carrots," she said.

Some of the most nutritious foods can cause the most damage.

"Healthy foods can break teeth, healthy foods can simply chip teeth. Healthy foods can get trapped in between your teeth," said Munoz's dentist Robert Fields.

That 's true for variety of foods, from hard apples and carrots to hard nuts and beans, cauliflower, broccoli, taffy, even hard kale treats, as Munoz has learned.

"So the damage I had to my teeth with my veneers coming off, missing teeth and chips and cracks," she said.

Luckily none of the damage was permanent. Fields was able to fix it all with bonds, veneers and other techniques. He has some advice for others who want to eat healthy.

"As you take that bite of food, digest it, chew it slowly, digest it carefully before you take the next bite. Don't be in a rush," said Fields.

"So I eat all the same foods that I would typically eat, but I don't bite apples. I usually eat slices of apples and I chew granola in the back of my mouth," said Munoz.

The problem with trapped food is that it can lead to infection and decay. It's also a good idea to floss after meals.

If a piece of food does get stuck between your teeth and floss doesn't work, dentists recommend swishing your mouth with warm salt water. If that doesn't work, see your dentist before the area gets infected.

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