KUNA A Kuna elementary is closed today after an outbreak of head lice.

Kuna School District officials say in the past two days, over 60 students and nine staff members at Indian Creek Elementary School have been diagnosed with head lice.

A letter went home to parents on Monday saying in order to prevent the further spread of head lice, the school will be closed Tuesday to allow for a thorough cleaning of the school and provide time for parents and staff to check for head lice and get treatment, if necessary.

Parents are urged to check their children for head lice.

Principal Greta Ankeny wrote in the letter to parents that in order for school to resume on Wednesday they must stop the spread of head lice right away. She says there is no need to panic and that the school is taking preventative steps to reduce the spread of head lice.

Students sent home with head lice will get a thorough head check upon their return to school.

As per the letter to parents:

According to the Centers for Disease Control, a diagnosis of head lice means that crawling lice or head lice eggs (also known as nits) attached to the hair were found. Head lice are small, wingless insects about the size of a sesame seed. They only live on the human scalp (not on family pets) and feed by sucking blood. Head lice range in color and can be white, gray, brown or red.

If you find lice, please complete the following four critical steps in treatment:

1. Nit removal from the head by combing is the most important lice control measure. Complete nit removal is time consuming, but it is critical for successful treatment.
2. Use of an effective head louse treatment.
3. Removal of all lice and nits from the environment by washing or vacuuming. There is no need to spray pesticides at home.
4. Daily head checks and nit removal until infestation is gone followed by weekly head checks to detect reinfestation.

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