A 60-year-old man is charged with second degree kidnapping of a 14-year-old Snohomish girl after she went missing and was found in his company.

Surveillance video shows the 14-year-old girl as she browses the aisles at the Grocery Outlet store in Lynnwood. Moments later, an alert clerk approaches her. He recognizes her as the girl everyone has been looking for since Wednesday and calls police.

When the store clerk found her in the store her first answer was, 'I'm here with my grandfather, said Shari Ireton with the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office.

But that man was not her grandfather - he was her alleged kidnapper.

Albino Estrada Montano, 60, has been charged with 2nd degree kidnapping.

Police say he first befriended the girl at a McDonalds in Snohomish, then convinced her to take a bus with him to Lynnwood where they spent the night at a mobile home park. Police aren't saying if she was sexually assaulted, but they do believe she was drugged.

He told her to take some pills and threatened to assault her if she did not, Ireton said.

When questioned by acquaintances, the man said the girl was his granddaughter. The suspect then admitted to deputies that he knew she was a minor and hadn't tried to return her to her family.

Deputies say that the girl had not met the suspect prior to Wednesday.

Family and friends describe the 14-year-old victim as kind and trusting, with the mental capacity of an 8-year-old.

She's very traumatized. She doesn't really understand what's going on, said family friend Kandi Henson.

Henson was in court Friday to hear the charges against Montano. She cringed as the girl's alleged kidnapper cracked a smile as he faced the judge.

What a creep, Henson said. What an absolute creep to do this to our girl that we care so much for.

Shelly Dana also knows the victim's family. She says Montano's behavior in court suggests he too, needs help.

I think he's mentally ill himself. Watching him in the courtroom it seems quite clear he's got some mental issues of his own, said Dana.

While the girl appeared to be unharmed when she was found, doctors at Providence Hospital evaluated her. Results from the examination have not been released pending the investigation.

Montano is being held on $100,000 bail. Police also say he is an undocumented alien.

The Snohomish County Sheriff s Office Special Investigations Unit is handling the case.

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