LEWIS COUNTY, Wash. -- Gas thieves stole 1,600 gallons of gasoline from a filling station on Highway 12.

They were not as good at hiding their identities.

Surveillance cameras caught pictures of the four suspected thieves and the three cars they used to drive away with portable tanks full of gasoline on July 28.

According to court documents the crew used a key to gain access to multiple pumps at the Silver Creek Buck Stop, a Texaco station.

Prosecutors said video from surveillance cameras showed three men and one woman repeatedly filling gas cans.

Two nights later they returned to the gas station.

On that occasion they were not able to steal anything, but the surveillance cameras got more pictures of the thieves.

Detectives recognized one of the men.

They said Raymond Hankins could be seen on recorded images trying to move the surveillance camera.

Other information led them to a property in Doty wherethey found one of the suspects, Jason Lewis.

He was charged with theft.

Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer issued arrest warrants for three other believed to be involved, Hankins, Harold Lusk and Alyssa Hanson.

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