BEND, Ore. One day after 10 Barrel Brewing recalled its Swill beer due to possibilities of explosion, the Bend brewery issued another recall for similar issues with another beer.

A cherry tart brew named Beer #1 was also brewed with a specific enzyme, which could cause a second fermentation after bottling.

Beer #1 was the first of a numbered series of beers, released a couple months ago, according to Christian Henry of 10 Barrel.

We fear that there is still some remaining in your beer cellars, refrigerators, or other storage areas, Henry said. Please, if you still have Beer #1, dispose of it in the same method that we asked for Swill.

Henry said to dispose of the dangerous beer, you should first put on protective gloves and eye wear, then place the bottles in a closed box before putting them in a secure trashcan outside.

If you already drank the beer, don't worry -- Henry said there are no health concerns from consuming Beer #1 or Swill.

For a refund, click here to email 10 Barrel.

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