SEATTLE-- With one week before the deadline for the August primary in Washington state, elections officials are reminding voters to get their ballots in on time.

As with most mid-term elections, voter turnout is expected to be low. King County elections officials expect around a 36% voter turnout. 29% of eligible voters cast a ballot in the 2013 election, the lowest turnout since 2007.

The November general election typically attracts far more voters.

Some analysts suggest the low turnout in the primary elections could distort the electorate.

The people who make the decisions in November, are not always the ones that make decisions in this primary, said Matt Barreto, University of Washington professor and political scientist. Barreto points out that the primary elections typically attract more educated, older voters.

But there are some that believe low voter turnout could actually indicate that democracy is in good shape.

You'd think we should have 100% turnout, said Barreto. But often times, when you see moderate or even low voter turnout, some people will say that is a sign that things are OK. It could mean voters are not so upset and so disgruntled that they are rushing to put their ballots in.

Ballots are mailed to voters 20 days prior to each election in which they are eligible to vote.

Your ballot must be dropped off or postmarked by August 5.

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