MEDINA, Wash. -- President Obama arrived in Seattle Tuesday to raise money for his party, but the festivities for the Democratic National Committee are costing taxpayers a bundle. Now, one city hosting the president says the party is over.

For decades, the City of Medina has been picking up the bill police coverage of visits by presidents, candidates, heads of state, who all make regular visits to the wealthy Eastside enclave for fundraisers.

In 2005, the city passed an ordinance requiring whoever hosts the posh private parties to pay for police and other city expenses, but it went widely ignored. New City Manager Mike Sauerwein says while Medina does have a healthy income from property taxes, the fundraisers can drain the police budget by up to 10% per year.

Taking a look at the budget, I realized how much of a hit it is for the city, he said. We just don t feel that these costs should be passed on to the taxpayers.

The Washington State Patrol absorbs the costs of presidential motorcades, as does the King County Sheriff s Office, which handles security at Boeing Field. They said Tuesday s visit alone cost them $20,000 to $30,000. SPD eats their costs, as well.

Tuesday s big fundraiser was held at the Hunts Point home of former Costco CEO Jim Sinegal. Hunts Point contracts its police through the City of Medina, which means Mr. Sinegal will soon be getting a bill that could run upwards of $20,000.

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