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Portable gaming is here to stay. Since the beginning its portability has always needed power. The early systems ate AA batteries like they were going out of style. New systems have enclosed rechargeable batteries that last for a long time, but eventually need to be charged. Portable chargers have become a necessity for those of us on the go, no longer just for our phones, but also for our tablets and game systems.

I ve previously reviewed Jackery portable chargers and liked them. Recently they ve introduced a new portable charger, the Jackery Air. So once more I put Jackery to the challenge of keeping me powered up.

The Jackery Air is about the size of an iPhone 5, only a bit heavier. The iPhone 5 weighs in at about 3.95 ounces while the Jackery Air is 5.4 ounces. It s still perfectly pocket-sized for convenience. According to its specifications it packs a 5000mAh of power which translates roughly into 110 hours of operation time to one device, depending on your usage. This is a bit less than the Jackery Bar, which comes in at 5600mAh of power. Even so, the Jackery Air had enough power to fully charge my Samsung Galaxy III phone and almost completely charge my Nintendo 3DS. The next test for the Jackery Air was to recharge my Sony PSVita with its Nyko Power Grip. This might have been a slightly unfair challenge since the Nyko Power Grip essentially acts as a portable charger. I have done it before with the Jackery Giant, but not with any of the others. The Jackery Air proved to be up to the challenge, but not quite powerful enough. It got close to a full charge, but it didn t make itall the way. Still that is pretty impressive.

The Jackery Air, like its predecessors, has an aluminum shell that keeps it cool while it charges, has power lock technology to give it a 6 month stand-by time, and its battery has four layers of safety protection.

The final result is a great portable charger. I like the slim size which allows it to fit into my pocket or the pockets of my laptop bag much easier and it has more than enough power to keep my gadgets charged up. I will be adding it to my convention bag for sure. I recommend the Jackery Air if you are looking for a reliable portable charger.

For more information chack out the official Jackery web site.

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