WASHOUGAL, Wash. -- A woman frustrated with three black bears constantly nosing around her house installed a security camera to catch them in the act.

Barb Taylor said the bears first started showing up at her home on Southeast Hidden Falls Road in May and now return regularly.

She bought a motion-activated game camera, which has captured several pictures of the bears on her property trying to get into her Dumpster which she has secured with a padlock.

Photos: Washougal bears caught on cam

Taylor said the bears have also gotten into a neighbor s shed and destroyed another neighbor s box beehive.

Another neighbor, who emailed KGW, said that the bears are not intimidated by noisemakers or gun shots.

The same neighbor also said that neighbors have taken the necessary steps of locking up food sources and using bear deterrents to no avail.

A representative from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, who wasn t familiar with the case in Washougal, said on Wednesday morning that this is the time of year that bears wander into town from the wilderness in search of food.

But neighbors complain that the bears are more than a nuisance and have become aggressive.

We just want this to end, Taylor said.

She and other neighbors would like to see them removed from the area.

KGW is trying to speak with the wildlife officials who have been working on the case. The story will be updated throughout the day.

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