CALDWELL -- A Caldwell family is homeless after someone broke into their home and did tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

One police officer we spoke to said he doesn't know for sure why this happened because it's still early in the investigation, but the homeowner told us police say this crime was vindictive and this family was targeted.

Sunday morning around 10, Chris Naillon and his family went to church, when they came back to their home, they weren't prepared for what they found. His wife was the first one inside.

She walked in the door and said she took two steps in and said there was water coming from everywhere, said Naillon.

Naillon, his wife and seven kids moved into the home last summer to live and take care of his mom who is fighting cancer.

Now, because of the damage, no one will be living in this home for quite some time.

Anything you could do to a house to tear it up they did it, it was all the costly items, said Naillon. They broke faucets off of sinks, they broke toilets, they broke water heaters, washers and dryers.

Brandon Wright with Disaster Response Team by Ultra Clean took pictures before they gutted the home.

He says every water source that could have been destroyed was, leaving a half an inch of water throughout the home and a foot of water under it.

Everything of value had some kind of damage.

We had a couch here, they kicked some of the arms off of it, said Naillon. We had a couch over in that corner and they stabbed holes in it with a knife.

A second load of damaged items will soon go to the dump.

Naillon, a contractor by profession, estimates the damage to be in the $60,000 to $70,000 range.

It's not just so much putting the flooring back down, it's all the mold remediation, it's tearing everything out, said Naillon. It's like building a house twice because you have to pull everything out and put everything back in.

While police don't know for sure if this family was targeted, Naillon thinks whoever did this knows him or his family.

If you're upset with me, come talked to me, come kick my ass, but don't take it out of my family like this, said Naillon.

The home is obviously unlivable right now.

The family is staying in a hotel and likely won't be able to move back until May.

They are working with insurance companies to sort all this out.

Caldwell Police say they have the tools used to cause all the damage and hope to pull fingerprints to help find out who is behind the damage.

As for the crimes committed and the penalties, they are felonies and include malicious injury to property, burglary and grand theft. Two hand guns and tools were stolen.

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