(AP) -- Cold air surging in Washington this weekend will remind residents it's still winter.

The National Weather Service says the Arctic air will keep temperatures below freezing in Eastern Washington and winds in some areas will drop wind chill reading below zero.

Forecasters say the cold air will spill out of the Fraser River valley bringing the chance of a second straight weekend snow storm in the Bellingham area. Snow also is possible on Western Washington hilltops as well as the mountains.

NWCN weather anchor Keisha Burns said the best chance for snow will occur in western Whatcom and San Juan counties, with snow possible along the north coast, the Strait of Juan De Fuca, north Puget Sound region, areas along Hood Canal, and the east Puget Sound lowlands near the Cascades.

In Oregon, the best chance will be in the Gorge, coast range and Cascades.

A warm front will bring wet and mild weather Sunday night into Monday with rain at times. Additional fronts will roll through the region next week with rain at times and a return to milder temps.

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