The length of the Super Bowl halftime show can be difficult to adjust to for players, so while the Red Hot Chili Peppers were rocking out without their instruments plugged in, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and a few of his teammates tried to restart their day with a shower.

Wilson was a guest the Dan Patrick Show Tuesday, and he attributed some of the Seahawks success in the second half to their unusual halftime routine.

I took my whole uniform off, I took a shower and everything. Halftime is about 45 minutes, so I took a shower, I re-taped everything, got my arm stretched again, Wilson said. That kinda restarted our minds, so [when] we came out at halftime it felt like it was a brand new game. So that s why I think we played so well.

Starting the second half with a 22-0 lead which quickly ballooned to 29-0 following Percy Harvin s kickoff return touchdown always helps, too.

(Thanks to Fox Sports for bringing this to our attention.)

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