PORTLAND, Ore. -- The National Weather Service issued a freeze warning Tuesday morning for the Porltand-area, the Willamette Valley and Southwest Washington.

Early Tuesday temperatures ranged from 37 degrees in Portland to 32 in McMinnville and Hillsboro, said KGW meteorlogist Nick Allard. Despite the frigid numbers, Allard said to expect temperatures to rise to the mid-50s by Tuesday afternoon.

A frost warning was in effect along the North and Central Coast for Tuesday morning.

Portland's streak of dry days ended at 12 over the weekend. According to KGW Meteorologist Rod Hill, more moisture, along with colder temperatures, is headed toward the northwest.

The cold temperatures concerned some gardeners, who prepared their crops for the potential freeze. Local gardening experts recommended covering outdoor crops with a one or two-inch layer of mulch or protecting them with landscape fabric.

For some plants, however, moving them is the only guaranteed way to protect them.

Anything like citrus, you would definitely want to move inside, said Andy Benneth of Al's Garden Center. Anything in containers that are a little bit tender, just slightly moving them closer to your house or garage is going to be better than leaving them out in your landscape.

But, Benneth said, one night of frost won't usually cause serious harm to plants. Gardeners should just make sure to protect their crops before they are exposed to multiple freezing days in a row.

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