NEAR TACOMA, Wash. - Staff Sergeant Ty Carter is stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and he is about to receive the highest U.S. military decoration.

Staff Sergeant Carter received a phone call from President Obama in mid-June, informing him that he would receive the Medal of Honor for his actions on October 3, 2009.

On that date in eastern Afghanistan, Combat Outpost Keating came under attack. Up to 400 insurgents positioned up high fired down on the 53 U.S. troops below. Former Staff Sergeant Clint Romesha was there.

They had no more ammo left. They were getting hit from every which way, said Romesha.

Staff Sergeant Carter decided to risk his own life over and over again. First, he dodged the gunfire to get needed ammunition to troops. When he saw a soldier wounded and in a vulnerable position, Carter ran to the rescue and brought him to a safer place. Soldiers needed to reach a radio, and it was Carter who made another daring dash so the group could call for help.

Eight men lost their lives that day, but 45 survived.

President Obama already bestowed the Medal of Honor upon former Staff Sergeant Clint Romesha for his actions that day.

Now from the one battle there will be a second Medal of Honor awarded, this time to Staff Sergeant Ty Carter.

The ceremony is scheduled for August 26th.

Carter is a Spokane native, and he is married with three kids. They live near JBLM.

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