ELMORE COUNTY -- In Elmore County, the Elk Complex fire is moving towards to the town of Featherville, and on Wednesday, the town was evacuated. Crews are trying to use backburns to protect homes in Pine and Featherville.

Monday evening there was a burnout operation that was conducted over here near the Pine community. That was very successful, went very well, said Ludie Bond, with the Incident Management Team.

On Tuesday, crews planned to do another backburn along Featherville Road, but weather conditions did not allow for a backburn.

Wednesday, crews prepared homes in case conditions permitted for a backburn.

The wildland firefighters have spent the day doing structure protection work, scratching lines around those homes, triaging those homes, more sprinkler lay systems, more hose lay, plowing the lines, getting it ready, should they be able to go ahead and do the backburn operation, said Bond.

As the Elk Complex Fire approaches Featherville, fire managers say the Trinity Ridge Fire scar is not necessarily going to keep the town safe from the flames.

It's kind of a patchwork, a mosaic type of burn that's gone through the area, so there are still unburned fuels, and plenty of fuels, Bond said. Fires don't only feed on vegetation. They feed on structures and there's other things that can fuel the fire. So wherever the fire can find food to feed itself, it will.

The Elmore County Sheriff's Office says 38 primary residences and 43 outbuildings have been lost in the Elk Complex Fire, and fire crews are hoping they can use backburns to keep the fire from taking more structures.

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