EDGEWOOD, Wash. -- The Metro bus driver attacked and shot repeatedly on a crowded bus in downtown Seattle was terrified when a passenger pulled a gun and started shooting, his wife said.

DeLoy Dupuis, 64, was released from the hospital Monday just hours after the shooting.

I feel good to be alive, you know, Dupuis said Tuesday from his Edgewood home, where he is recovering.

Dupuis was attacked by a man who got on the bus without paying, according to investigators. At some point, the suspect pulled a gun and started shooting Dupuis.

He was dodging bullets literally. Dodge that bullet again and again, wife Shelley Coleman said. All he could think about was where he could move to get out of range of the gun.

His family said he was shot in the cheek and arm.

Officers chased the suspect who jumped onto another city bus a few blocks away. He was shot by police after investigators say he pointed the gun at them.

The suspect has been identified as Martin Duckworth. He later died at a hospital from his injuries.

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