NAMPA -- Three years after her disappearance, Susan Powell's father Chuck Cox has not given up.

Susan was reported missing December 7, 2009, in Utah. The primary person of interest, Susan's husband Josh Powell, killed himself and the couple's two children in a home explosion last year.

Cox is driving along Interstate 84 hanging fliers at gas stations and talking with anyone who will listen. He is hoping it will bring up a memory that might be a clue as to what happened to Susan.

KTVB met up with Cox at a Nampa gas station.

I realize it's three years ago, but as a father I can't stop looking, said Cox.

Last Monday, Cox learned more information from police.

Cox says back in August 2012, police learned about a 1997 Ford Taurus that Michael Powell, Josh's brother, tried to have destroyed at a Pendleton, Oregon salvage yard. Police found the car before it could be destroyed, and cadaver dogs alerted to the scents in the car.

But now with this information, that might be the tip that will help us zero in on where she may be, Cox said.

Cox's love and determination are leading him from Pendleton to Tremonton, Utah, and he hopes the faces and cars on the flier might jog a memory that can lead them to Susan.

You can't move on. It's not possible, because you never know and you still hope that someday you'll find them, he said.

He knows it's unlikely that Susan is alive, but Cox said cannot close this chapter of his life until he knows for sure.

If that's what it is, that's what it is. But at least then we'll be able to lay her to rest and everybody will know the end of that story, said Cox. But until we find her the story's not over for us.

Cox said his family wants to be able to bury Susan next to her two sons. The boys were 5 and 7-years-old when they died.

Cox told KTVB the fliers have already led to a few tips.

If you have information that might help solve Susan Powell's disappearance:
-Call Chuck Cox: 253-370-8786
-Call Rose Winquist Investigations: 425-482-0943
-Visit the Susan Cox Powell Foundation website
-Visit Rose Winquist Investigations' website

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