Ken Rotta says he has no anger about the accident that killed his parents, but he does have questions that need to be answered.

Monday night, with his parents in the car, he remembers getting a green light and moving into the intersection in Kirkland.

Somebody all of a sudden said Lookout! I looked that way for just a moment, and there was the bus, saw the bus and then smack, Rotta said.

Despite having a 20-ton bus slam into his car at high speed, Rotta shows nothing but composure and compassion.

I really feel for the driver of the bus, said Rotta. That's a terrible thing to go through.

Rotta said right away he knew his father, Bob Rotta, had passed away.

I reached over and tapped him on the chest, and said Dad? Dad? There was just nothing, he said.

His mother, Betty Rotta, died at the hospital.

Ken is nursing some broken ribs, but the emotional loss will have a lifelong impact.

As a single man who lives alone, he says his parents were his companions.

To me, it's like your whole family got wiped out, and I have no one left, he said. To me it's my parents.

The bus driver, Alex Rukhlin, told KING 5 his employer, First Transit, has directed him not to talk publicly about the accident. But he expressed concern for his passengers and the driver of the other car.

I was worried about the safety of the passengers on my bus, Rukhlin said. I have two judges I need to face: God, and the driver of the other car. I will reach out to the family in the future when its appropriate.

Rukhlin also said he was confident that the investigation will reveal the truth about what happened.

Investigation continues

It could be at least two weeks before the State Patrol inspects the bus and SUV.

They will get a search warrant and do a full systems test to investigate the bus driver's claim that the brakes failed.

Federal officers will obtain the maintenance files from Community Transit and First Transit in Everett where the bus was last inspected on April 26.

State Patrol investigators will re-interview both drivers and 24 bus passengers.

We got a firsthand peek of what happened Monday night from witnesses who called 911.

The bus hit the car. What I saw, we were right behind the bus and it went right through the light, plowed right into the car, and he kept going. The bus took off.

Through another caller, dispatchers were able to talk to the SUV driver, Ken Rotta.

I'm the driver. The bus ran the red light. I think my dad may be gone and my mom is in pretty bad shape and I'm a little bit too, he said. I don't know if I'm going to survive here much longer. I'm starting to faint.

Investigators will determine if it was driver error, mechanical failure or something in the road that led to the accident.

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