VANCOUVER -- A woman taking a walk near Vancouver Lake on Tuesday was shocked to find four kittens dumped in a plastic bag.

Christy Jarvis said she heard some meowing while walking her dog and looked closer to see the four tiny kittens trapped inside a plastic grocery bag.

She said the kittens looked like they were only a few days old.

It's hard to get the image out of your head of seeing a little pile of kittens crumpled up in a bag, Jarvis said.

Jarvis and her boyfriend Randall Campbell took the kittens to Banfield Pet Hospital. Veterinarians said they looked healthy, just quite hungry.

It's surprising that someone would do that. I mean, there are a lot of other options before tossing a bag of kittens in the bushes, Campbell said.

After some recovery time at Banfield, the kittens should be ready for adoption in six to eight weeks.

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