SPOKANE, Wash. -- Tickets to Gonzaga basketball games are never easy to come by, especially this season.

Now, police say someone tried to take advantage of people desperate to take part in Bulldog madness in person.

KREM 2 spoken with Nathan Hedrick in Spokane County Jail. He claims he thought he was selling the tickets for a friend s grandparents legally.

Hedrick is accused of printing fake tickets at his apartment complex. Police say they caught him on surveillance video.

The suspect won t name the person who he says is at fault, but does insist police have the wrong man.

I m in jail. I m young, he says. I m pissed off. They got the wrong person in here.

Hedrick says he didn t know surveillance video exists, and no matter what it shows, he maintains his innocence.

Had I known they were fake I would not have given my I.D. to write my information down, he says.

So far, Hedrick faces one count of forgery.

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