Two days ago, Shawna Ventura survived a dangerous accident when she passed out while driving and her van ran off the road. A tree punctured the windshield and barely missed her in the driver's seat.

She s now out of the hospital, but she says the accident may have actually saved her life.

Ventura, who is diabetic, doesn't remember going off Big Rock Road near Duvall Monday, but when she came to, she realized she had almost been impaled by a tree.

And I was wedged like this, where the window and the door is and this tree was, so apparently I tried to protect myself, said Ventura.

After the initial impact, Shawna's seat belt was choking her. Before medics arrived, a truck driver stopped and cut her loose, likely saving her life.

Now I'm on a hunt to find who this is, because I really need to thank him, Ventura said.

Then, when she was airlifted to the hospital, doctors discovered a suspicious mass in her brain. Oncologists will be checking it out more closely.

So the accident that could have killed her may have actually saved her life.

Everything's meant to happen for a reason, and I believe the reason was to save my life. Not only was it to save my life in the accident, but my life might be saved now because they found I have this.

The mother of seven was able to leave the hospital Wednesday and return home to her kids. Ventura sincerely wants to locate the truck driver who helped her to thank him.

I think he was the guardian angel the Lord sent, she said.

She believes his name is Mark. If you might know who this is, you can leave a message with Ventura s employer, the Snoqualmie Tribe.

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