SEATTLE Neighbors who are fed up with crime in Seattle s Chinatown-International District are taking matters into their own hands by installing nine new security cameras and a surveillance system.

We have a lot of people walking around, kinda look scary for the seniors. We felt like we need to do something, said Nora Chan, with Seniors In Action Foundation.

The project has taken the group of senior citizens and businesses three years and costs around $100,000.

Chan says senior citizens make up 70 percent of the population living in Chinatown. Many have been scared to walk the streets. There has been concerns about drugs, vandalism and burglaries.

Signs are posted on at restaurants and businesses that warn people they're being watched. Just last month, there were three arrests from crimes caught on tape.

There were a couple of burglaries that happened recently and we were able to call up the footage and figure out who was there and who was doing what, said Don Blakeney with Chinatown International Business Improvement Area.

Property owners, businesses and residents say they re willing to chip in to maintain the system.

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