PORTLAND -- One Southeast Portland neighborhood is facing quite an unusual problem: three peacocks are roaming the streets near Southeast 41st Avenue and Southeast Woodstock Boulevard.

Neighbors said the birds just showed up a few days ago.

Neighbor after neighbor watched quizzically as the birds made their rounds Saturday. Many of the bystanders swooped in with cameras for a closer look.

While the birds are beautiful, they make very loud and annoying sounds.

Why are peacocks here in Portland? It's kind of cold, go figure, said one neighbor.

The Audubon Society said the peacocks were probably pets set free by their owner, which is apparently all too common.

The society said the birds are self-sufficient and for now, neighbors are stuck with some new guests.

The Audubon Society said it can't take in the peacocks because they're not a native species, but it urges neighbors to call Animal Control if they become too much of a problem.

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