SPOKANE--The City of Spokane announced Friday it's laying off two employees at the end of the month. This comes after city hall eliminated more than 80 positions compared to a year ago.

City staff explains the two layoffs are a combination of a tight budget and trying to re-organize city hall, but they can't say if we'll see more of this in the months ahead.

When Mayor David Condon was running for office in the fall of 2011, he hinted at plans to bring down the number of employees for the city. Compared to this time last year; the city has eliminated 84 positions. Some of those positions were already vacant; other people planned on retiring or were able to find work elsewhere within the city.

For the year ahead, the city is now laying off two public information officers; one in the Office of Public Affairs and another in the Solid Waste Department. The city told these two employees about the layoff about a week ago and their last day will be February 1st.

City staff says it's unclear if the city will layoff more employees in the near future, but they do believe this was their only option and they couldn t avoid eliminating these two positions.

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