WOODINVILLE, Wash. -- The day of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting Alexis Haller flew to Connecticut to help his sister. She had three kids at the school. Only two came home.

Haller says in those earliest hours, the entire family made a promise to make things better.

There isn't much you can say to comfort each other, said Haller. Everything about the situation is the worst. But the only thing we latched onto very early is that we're going to make something positive out of it. Make a change and do it for Noah.

Noah was the youngest of the victims. He was shot 11 times.

Haller is an attorney. Determined to make a difference, he and his extended family drafted a proposal of legislative reforms. It includes a safekeeping law that would require gun owners to keep firearms away from the mentally ill. It also includes a reporting law, that would require anyone who knows of a grave and imminent threat of serious physical harm or death made by another individual and believes that person has access to firearms or explosives, to report it to police.

In a lot of these situations targeted school shootings, people know ahead of time that there is something wrong with the person, said Haller. They know the person has made threats against others, they may know that they have access to firearms.

The family gave their proposal to Vice President Biden, who is expected to make his reform recommendations Tuesday.

Haller says Biden s aide gave them positive feedback, but the family is not sure Biden will incorporate their ideas into his recommendations.
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