BOISE -- Schools across the country and here in Idaho continue to be in high alert after what happened in Connecticut just four days ago.

Now, one high school in the Meridian School District is dealing with rumors and threats.

None of these threats have been confirmed, but the school is taking them seriously and looking into them. They started out as vague and now they're becoming more specific.

The rumors flying around Centennial High School started out over concerns of Dec. 21 - the end of the Mayan Calendar which some circles say is the end of the world.

And then from there it sort of grew into that there was going to be fire and some sort of danger at Centennial, and now it's gotten into this more specific thing that a gunman is coming to Centennial High, said district spokesman Eric Exline.

That has school administrators and school resource officers with Boise Police trying to find any credibility to these threats.

Exline says the rumors are being spread by text message - not only at Centennial but to other Meridian schools like Rocky Mountain High School, Central Academy, and Mountain View High School

There's sort of two things going on, said Exline. There's concern about a sort of event like Connecticut, you tie that in with the prophesy or prediction about Friday and suddenly there's a lot of people just talking about things they're worried about.

But the situation is escalating.

Whoever is spreading the rumors, or is legitimately planning something, there are serious consequences with the school and the law.

If this is just being made up out of whole cloth and you're disrupting the school day and they can find out you're the one who did it, then you face expulsion, because you have disrupted an entire school system in the process, said Exline.

Exline says the number one priority is student safety.

The school district has decided to cancel their winter sports assembly that was planned for Friday. Exline says for safety reasons, they just don't want all the students in one place at one time.

Right now, he and others have no reason to believe the threats or rumors are actually going to happen, that's why he wants all students to stop passing them on.

If it's not legitimate don't do it, because it won't be tolerated if we can find out who is responsible, said Exline. Here's what you want. If it's real and you know of something, we absolutely want that information. You should go to your administrator. You should go to your SRO and say, 'This is what I know.'

Again, there is no reason to believe the threats or rumors are valid.

Exline says the district and police won't stop until they find the source of the text message threat.

We reached out to Boise Police, but they refused to comment.

Centennial High School will be in session Friday, but if school officials find the threats to be credible, they won't hesitate to cancel school to keep the students safe.

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