Police in Seatac are closing in on the person who's been shooting out car windows. At least 21 cars have been hit within a week. They believe the culprit used a BB or pellet gun and drove a green Subaru. While police have impounded a car fitting that description, they haven't found the suspect.

Tracy Myer said his daughter's car was one of first targets.

Then they came back two days later and took out the window on my Ford Explorer. They took out the rear window first, said Myer. Then two days later they took out the other window, then went down the block and took out five other cars.

In addition to hitting cars, some neighbors have discovered busted windows in their homes.

I have a newborn baby and they could have hit her. I would have been furious, said John Dunlap.

Police said thanks to eyewitness accounts, they have a good idea of who theyre looking for. They estimate the culprit has caused more than $10,000 in damages. They are working with other King County agencies who are investigating similar cases.

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